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Kiva Donations


Our loan helped Faria to construct a school building and to buy stationery for her students.


Our loan helped, Keam to pay for her daughter’s tuition fee and buy some school materials for her children.

Ben Franklin Residences is a local business with a global perspective. We are aware that what we do here in Philadelphia can ripple waves of change thousands of miles away. We are entrepreneurs at heart, and have made a pledge to empower entrepreneurs throughout the developing world through Micro Loans. In addition to adding value to our community, we have partnered with to help provide life changing opportunities to hardworking people around the globe.


Our loan helped Asia construct more rooms in her school to accomodate more students. 


Our loan helped Emily purchase a water filtration system to provide clean drinking water for the students of Bekam N & P. School. 


Our loan helped Boral purchase another moterbike to help his wife get to work.  


Our loan helped Husein buy new business tools to better serve his customer and develop his business.

Ready, Willing and Able Donations

Ben Franklin Residences has joined forces with local neighborhood developers, block captains, business owners and new neighbors to clean up the neighborhood! Ready, Willing and Able, a non-profit who helps down on their luck, individuals get back on their feet, has been contracted to clean the area once a week! Support has been overwhelming. The cleaning combined with the influx of new residents to the neighborhood will drastically change the landscape. This coordinated effort is what the area so desperately needed. 

In addition to cleaning up the sidewalks, Ben Franklin Residences has a petition and formal request submitted and underway with the local councilman’s office, and the Philadelphia Streets Department. The request outlines a long-term plan to keep the streets and walkways clean, clear of trash and beautiful so the neighborhood’s residents, new and old can be proud to call Point Breeze home. Solutions include municipal trash cans at intersections, street cleaning and tree plantings. These initiatives along with the weekly clean-ups will provide a sustainable solution for the neighborhood in which we all live, work and play. Ben Franklin Residences proudly sponsors these initiatives, and participates in neighborhood clean-up days. 

To Date, Ben Franklin Residences has donated $6,375 to Ready, Willing and Able 

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